DOT / TIN number

We offer many complete wheel set of BMW and MINI and wheel sets we put ourselves together at our online shop. Of course, we can not have all the wheels and tires on stock. We order many parts after customer orders. That is why, we can almost never make concrete detail tire age, the so-called DOT number. The six leading tire manufacturers are of the opinion that an unused tire - assuming proper storage - up to five years from date still to be considered as good as new, and may be sold as a new tire. In an age of 1-2 years the wheels will be send without notice. If the tyres have an age of 3 years or older we will contact customers before shipment to find a solution for both sides.
Please notice these remark about DOT to consider before your order!


EU tire label

Fuel efficiency
Rolling resistance is the decisive parameter for the energy efficiency of a tire and thus has a direct influence on the fuel consumption of the vehicle. A green category "A" tire consumes 0.1 l less fuel per 100 km than a "B" classified tire.

Wet grip
This information is based on the absolute braking distance on wet roads at a speed of 80 km / h.
Between each class are 3-6 m difference in braking distance. The categories "D" and "G" are not used.

External rolling noise
The pass-by noise is given as an absolute value in decibels and as a three-class system as a soundwave symbol.
A continuous sound level above 80 decibels can lead to health problems.

Important Note
The fuel savings and the traffic safety depend to a high degree on the own driving style. The fuel consumption can be significantly reduced by environmentally friendly driving. To improve the wet grip, the tire pressure should be checked regularly. The safety connection corresponding to the stopping distance should always be observed.